LIFEBEAT is a modern fitness company established by professionals in sports and health area.

Our team provides you with Personal Sports Coaching Services. We are the people that have been involved in different kinds of sports for more than 7 years each. And still we’re always looking for a way to improve our results in trainings.

And we found it!

We’ve started combining work-out and EMS 2 years ago and we have tried lots of combinations. Now we stick to the one that is unique and perfect!

A combination of our experience in sports and proper use of EMS provides you with results some would call magic.



We make our training programs individually for each and every client.

Some want to gain more muscles, some wish to get rid of fat and some need physical therapy. We are here to help you with the goals you’re up to.

Notice: we provide you with 100% result per 20 minutes!

Isn’t that awesome?

We realize you have some questions and that you’re being sceptic.

All you need to do is come and try it yourself. You’ll be surprised. And, of course, you’ll get the body you’ve always dreamed of!

Our individual training programs will find the best solution for your personal health or fitness target.

Intelligent recovery programs promote regeneration and help you to reduce stress.

Ultra Muscle Stimulation is the revolution on the fitness market and the latest form of EMS training.

It takes 20 minutes to train more than 90% of your muscles using our unique program combined with EMS.

With our fusion of workout and EMS you train all your muscle fibers and blood circulation gets stimulated and breaks down metabolic products.

ULTRA EMS is developed and made in Germany and is represented in UAE by the LIFEBEAT team.


Weight Loss
Build Muscle
Increase strength
Shape body
Reduce back pain



YES, it’s absolutely safe!

Low-frequency impulse currents are widely used in training and rehabilitation therapy.

Muscle is an organ of electrical signals and chemical processes. It needs electrical impulses to the central nervous system to contract.

EMS technology is using this natural principle capable of intensifying the contraction by applying electrodes directly on top of the muscle.



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